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Reviewing the Laws

Our Services

The Harris & McKeown Law Firm provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Divorce: Dissolution; Legal Separation; or Annulment

  • Divorce Consulting and Unbundled Services

  • Equitable Property Division (Community Property)

  • Spousal Support

  • Child Support

  • Child Custody and Parenting Time

    • Child Custody Litigation

    • Retention and Utilization of Expert Witnesses

  • Modification of  Child Support

  • Modification of Spousal Support

  • Modifications of Custody and Parenting Time

  • Domestic Violence Actions under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act

    • Temporary Restraining Orders

    • Permanent Restraining Orders

  • Post-Judgment Modifications

  • Family Law Enforcement Proceedings

    • Arrearage Judgments

    • Family Law Contempt

  • Pre-Marital Agreements

  • Post-Marital Agreements

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Stipulated Judgments

  • Paternity Actions

  • Domestic Partnership Actions

  • Other Family Law Related Matters

  • Trial Advocacy

    • Long Cause Trial Representation

    • Limited Scope Representation

  • Family Law Appeals

  • Juvenile Law

    • Dependency Proceedings

    • Welfare and Institutions Code Section 300 Proceedings

    • Juvenile Court Proceedings

  • Probate

    • Guardianship

    • Conservatorship


Experience, Trust, Results

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We understand that choosing the right family law attorney can be a difficult task. We provide a free assessment to outline a legal strategy for your situation and allow you to see if our firm is a good fit for you. Click on the "Contact Us" page to schedule your free consultation today!

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