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Harris & McKeown Law Firm



Our Vision

Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating through the complex legal issues involved in family law matters, and simplify the process for you.  This provides you the opportunity to make informed decisions throughout this very difficult time, and helps you and your family transition to the next chapter of your lives as smoothly as possible.




“After hiring a processing service to handle, what I thought would be a simple divorce with minor children, I quickly realized my mistake.  A lawyer friend referred me to Kaleen and I am very grateful for all her help. Divorce is never easy and my advice to everyone going through one,  is to have legal representation, especially when you have minor children. Legally, divorce is an overwhelming process…. Kaleen was always very professional and gave me honest, sound advice.  She was honest, patient and fair with me in dealing with custody issues, even when I didn’t agree with her advice.  Kaleen was always reachable and easy to communicate and as a women, I really felt she “just got me” and what I was going through.  I would highly recommend her.  Divorce can be complicated, even scary… that’s why you need someone like Kaleen.  All the best to those going though one. Thank you Kaleen and staff for your help.”


“Kaleen is my hero. I had another attorney who wasn’t getting it down and I fired him. Kaleen has been a Godsend. She takes care of things in lightning speed. She gets back to you immediately when you call or send an email. She works hard for you and in your best interest. She cares. You will not be disappointed by her advice and knowledge of Divorce Law. Thank you Kaleen!!”


“I contacted Andrew Mckeown to help me with my divorce and custody issues. Even though I’m in another state he was so much help, he listened to what I wanted, and told me what was possible and what wasn’t. If needed in the future, I will definitely call him again, he’s very personable and attentive.”​


“On referral from my other Attorney, I contacted Andrew McKeown for a consult about how to handle a family law situation. He was very attentive and asked me great questions to understand what it is I was trying to accomplish. If I need to retain an attorney for family law in the future, I will be hiring this firm.”​


“Kaleen has been my attorney since April of 2015. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She is extremely professional and prompt. I have never had a worry about not hearing back from her or having to navigate “the system” on my own. Kaleen has the ability to objectively look at things and present the case in the best way possible. I have been involved in a very tedious and difficult custody battle- Kaleen reviewed our case file (which I will tell you is larger than most cases) whenever I would meet with her I did not feel like I needed to re-explain a situation or give more details. She could recall it from our file as if she was there and argued the evidence in trial as I wish I could have many times standing from my imaginary soapbox in the comforts of my home. She is without a doubt honest, thorough and one of the smartest women I have ever come into contact with. I am very happy to call her my attorney. Moreover there was a very long period of time where I felt like I was fighting my battle alone. Having her on my side has given me a different level of security and confidence that I am truly grateful for. She always had my child’s best interest as the priority and made sure that her needs were presented as the main focus in our case as well as my safety. Anyone that hires her as representation will be satisfied as she practices with a level of dedication and attention to detail which is remarkable. I have never been able to say that I am satisfied with an attorney. However with Kaleen I can assure you that I consider her exceptional in every way possible.”

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