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Founding Partner Kaleen Harris Certified by State of California as Family Law Specialist

Commencing 1/1/2022, attorney Kaleen Harris will be certified by the California Bar as a Certified Family Law Specialist in the field of Family Law.

In order to earn the designation of a "Specialist" in the field of Family Law, applicants are required to:

  • pass a written examination on nuanced issues in family law custody, support, property division, tax issues, and other nuanced areas of family law in California;

  • practice law continuously for at least five years, spending at least 25 percent of the time given to occupational endeavors practicing in family law;

  • completion of continuing education in California greater than that required of general licensees of the State Bar;

  • demonstration of a broad-based and comprehensive experience in family law based on completion of a variety of matters in the specialty area;

  • favorable evaluations by other attorneys and judges familiar with the attorney's work in family law.

Kaleen joins a small percentage of California attorneys licensed as a Specialist in the field of Family Law. We would like to congratulate Kaleen Harris on her accomplishment. To schedule a consultation with the newest California Family Law Specialist, Kaleen Harris, Esq., click HERE now.

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